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Our Welcome Home Pak Brings Your Products Home... FREE

Getting your products in the hands of consumers is the key to expanding your brand awareness. American Marketing & Fulfillment (AMF) does just that. We provide free Welcome Home Paks to new homeowners filled with nationally advertised products. Your products will be included in these free new homeowner gifts at no cost to you.

Open the Door to Increased Consumer Awareness

American Marketing & Fulfillment's Welcome Home Pak places your product(s) front and center, increasing consumer awareness and encouraging the use towards future purchases. Here's how our program works:
  • We purchase all product(s) at your production cost
  • No impact on your marketing budget for your participation
  • Each Pak contains 12 to 14 nationally advertised noncompetitive products
  • Paks have a perceived retail value well over $50
  • Real estate and mortgage communities purchase our Paks for distribution
  • New homeowners receive Paks upon closing , FREE
  • An average of 30,000 Gift Paks are distributed monthly
  • Product survey response cards included in each Pak
Imagine the possibilities!

Consumers receive your products free. You now have a unique opportunity to sample your products to thousands of new potential customers. Plus, every American Marketing & Fulfillment gift Pak includes a survey response card. This is your chance to zero in on the questions you need answered about your product, by creating your own survey question (once per quarter). The survey response results will be available to you on a quarterly basis.

Increase Your Internet Presence

Through a joint agreement with PV Media Group you will also have the opportunity to enjoy one million impressions of a product coupon you provide that will be displayed on www.AllPrintableCoupons.com and www.FoodCouponsDirect.com and tracked by you... free of charge.

Put Your Products in the Best Company

Your products will be placed among the most popular brands. A partial list of savvy clients who are enjoying the marketing potential of our Paks includes: Tree Top, WD 40, Spic And Span, The Coca Cola Company, Unilever, and New World Pasta.

We invite you to join our family of companies and increase your product's sampling at absolutely no cost to you. Keep in mind that we do not put competitive products in the same Pak. The products included are on a first-come, first-served basis, so it's in your company's best interest to contact us quickly. Put American Marketing & Fulfillment to work for you, today.