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Top Manufacturers Join AMF's Welcome Home Paks Program

American Marketing & Fulfillment Brings the Best Products Home For Free

(Plainview, New York – November 21, 2008) – American Marketing & Fulfillment (AMF), a leader in consumer sampling programs, announced today that they have added a number of new manufacturers to their list of Welcome Home Pak product partners. In addition AMF has launched a new website www.4AMF.com featuring a complete list of their growing manufacturers involved in the program, as well as information for realtors and manufacturers alike. The new manufacturers will be in good company, joining 4AMF's current sampling products from popular names like Coca Cola, Revlon and Minute Maid, just to name a few.

"This is a very exciting time. We are providing consumers with a number of new products to sample. And it costs manufacturers and consumers absolutely nothing!" Harvey Yaris, President and CEO of AMF continued, "Our Welcome Home Paks contain over $50.00 worth of quality products that are presented to new homeowners free. We purchase all products at the manufacturers' cost and offer them to real estate professionals in a Welcome Home Pak that they give to their clients. It's a great way for manufacturers to get their products into the hands of the consumer without impacting their marketing budget."

In these hard economic times many manufacturers have had to cut back on their advertising budgets, making it more difficult to keep their products "top of mind." Product sampling has always been used as a way to increase product awareness, at a minimal cost to the manufacturer. With AMF's Welcome Home Paks they now have the opportunity to get their products into the hands of more potential buyers than ever before at no additional cost.

Harvey Yaris explains, "We distribute an average of 30,000 Paks per month, with 12 to 14 nationally advertised noncompetitive products in each Pak. That's enormous reach for any product. Plus each product comes with a survey response card that offers manufacturers important and valuable information."

About American Marketing & Fulfillment

American Marketing & Fulfillment was established by Harvey Yaris in 1981. The company distributes Welcome Home Paks throughout the United States from their headquarters in Long Island, New York. The sampling service was developed to benefit customers and manufacturers alike; offering real estate brokers the opportunity to expand their promotional efforts with personally tailored Welcome Home Paks and provide manufacturers a free tool for placing their nationally branded products directly into the hands of consumers.

For more information on American Marketing & Fulfillment, visit www.4AMF.com or call 1-888-840-0080.